Hexbeam Photo Gallery

This gallery shows photographs of the various HexBeam antennas I have constructed over the past couple of years. It is not meant to be a step-by-step guide to construction, but rather a potpourri of techniques which may give you some ideas for constructing your own HexBeam.

  • 2-wire Reflector experiments

  • 450 Ohm ladder line Reflector

  • Antenna Testgear

  • 450 Ohm ladder line Reflector

  • RG58 Coax Reflector

  • RG58 Coax Reflector

  • Current probe in use

  • Testbed wire fixings

  • Wire extensions

  • Spreader extensions

Essential testgear: a Palstar ZM30 analyser for impedance measurements and for use as a signal source; a wide dynamic range, broadband signal strength meter; the current probe extension for the meter; an MFJ 259B - just to check that the ZM30 is telling me the truth!