Hexbeam Photo Gallery

This gallery shows photographs of the various HexBeam antennas I have constructed over the past couple of years. It is not meant to be a step-by-step guide to construction, but rather a potpourri of techniques which may give you some ideas for constructing your own HexBeam.

  • Classic Mk 2 baseplate

  • Mk2 Preliminary testing

  • Mk 2 Wire fixings

  • 20m testing

  • Reflector fixings

  • Driver fixings

  • Driver / Reflector fixings

  • Wire supports

  • Mk 2 end spacing fixing

  • Current Probe

While rebuilding the Mk 2 antenna I decided to use an alternative fixing arrangement for the wires. Brass "dome nuts" are drilled to take the wire which is then soldered in place. This arrangement has the advantage that the wire doesn't have to bend, and I think it looks more pleasing!