Amateur Radio (G3TXQ) - Equipment Sale

Serious illness forces shack clearance. Click on the photos for larger versions.Equipment must be collected from the Northampton area - I have no way to pack or deliver items.

Elecraft K1 QRP CW Transceiver

Elecraft K1 HF QRP CW Transceiver including KFL1-2 two band module, KFL1-4 four band module, KAT1 Automatic antenna tuner, KBT1 internal battery pack, and KTS1 wide range tilt stand. User Manual

Price:£275 £225

Array Solutions AIM4170C

Array Solutions AIM4170C Antenna Vector analyser in presentation/carrying case with Short/Open/Load calibration 5kHz-180MHz. User Manual

Price:£175 £150 SOLD

MFJ-890 Beacon Monitor

MFJ-890 DX Beacon Monitor locks to MSF Rugby and its display precisely tracks the beacons around the world. Switch on your receiver, tune to the beacon channel and watch the display. In no time at all you will check up to 18 different DX paths around the world.



MFJ-853H Clamp-on current meter

MFJ-853H Clamp-on current meter with 3A, 10A and 30A ranges. User Manual


LP100 Digital Vector RF Wattmeter

LP100 Digital Vector RF Wattmeter. Measures 50mW to 2500W, autoranging, from 1.8-54MHz User Manual

Price:£150 SOLD

Marconi TF2163S UHF attenuator

Marconi TF2163S precision UHF attenuator, DC-1GHz, 0-122dB in 1dB steps, with Type-N connectors; includes protective lid.

Price:£30 SOLD

HF225 General coverage HF receiver

Lowe HF225 general coverage HF receiver in very good condition. Covers 30kHz-30MHz continuous. Fitted with the D-225 additional detector option providing narrow-band FM and synchronous AM modes. Also fitted with W-225 whip antenna pre- amplifier and matching unit


Price:£120 SOLD

Ten-Tec 238 tuner

Ten-Tec 238 tuner, rated 2kW. Single-ended and unbalanced outputs User Manual

Price:£150 SOLD

Telewave 44L1 wattmeter

Like a Bird 43 but no need for expensive slugs. This is the rare L1 version which covers 2-200MHz. Power ranges 5W/15W/50W/150W/500W. With N-type connectors and -40dB sampling port.

User Manual


Price:£175 SOLD

Ten-Tec HerculesII Linear amplifier and PSU

Ten-Tec Model 420 solid state linear amplifier, 1.6-30MHz at 500/600W output for 65/80W drive. Matching Model 9420 power supply provides 14v at 100A for the amplifier and exciter. Full QSK operation and automatic band changing when used with Ten-Tec Omni transceivers.

User Manual

Price:£350 SOLD

Hameg HM1005 Oscilloscope

100MHz bandwidth, three channels, with delayed timebase.

User Manual

Price:£100 SOLD

Hameg HM8028 Spectrum Analyser and HM8038 Tracking Generator

Model HM8028 and HM8038 plug-ins with HM8001 mainframe/PSU. Uses an oscilloscope as the display to form a complete 0.5-500MHz Spectrum Analyser/Tracking Generator combination. User Manual


Price:£150 SOLD

Hameg HM8018 LC meter and HM8030 Function generator

Model HM8018 and HM8030 plug-ins with HM8001 mainframe/PSU. HM8018 measures Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance. Ranges 200pF-200uF, 200uH-200H. HM8030 provides square-wave, triangular-wave and sine-wave up to 2MHz. <

Price:£100 SOLD

Hameg HM8011 Digital multimeter and HM8021-4 Frequency counter

Model HM8011 digital multimeter and HM8021-4 1.6GHz frequency counter with HM8001 mainframe/PSU.

HM8021-4 Manual

HM8011-3 Manual


Price:£120 SOLD

Complete Hameg test/measurement station

All of the above: HM1005, HM8028, HM8038, HM8018, HM8030, HM8011 & HM8021-4 together with three mainfame units. <

Price:£450 SOLD

Palstar BT1500A

Palstar BT1500A Balanced antenna tuner 1.5kW. User Manual

Price:£350 SOLD

Palstar ZM30

Palstar ZM30 Digital Antenna Analyser with ZM30-BT Balanced Transformer Adapter and 50/274 Ohm calibration loads. User Manual

Price:£100 SOLD

Ten-Tec 563 OmniVI HF Transceiver

Ten-Tec 563 OmniVI HF transceiver with matching 960 PSU/Speaker. One of the best analogue radios ever made. Fully loaded with filters. User Manual

Price:£350 SOLD

Bird 43 Wattmeter with 5 slugs

Bird 43 Wattmeter in excellent condition with carrying case and 5 slugs: 100W/2-30MHz, 5W/100-250MHz, 50W/100-250MHz, 5W/400-1000MHz, 25W/400-1000MHz. Meter has Type-N connectors.

Price:£150 SOLD