Amateur Radio (G3TXQ) - Shack

Operating position

When we designed our new bungalow I was able to factor in a purpose-built radio "shack" - a real luxury after spending many years in an outdoor shed! This is the main operating position. There are two Ten Tec Corsair II radios, a Ten Tec Omni VI radio, and a Ten Tec Hercules II linear amplifier. One of the Corsairs and the remote VFO have had their PTOs replaced by a DDS VFO. To the right of the Hercules amplifier is a Ten Tec 238 tuner. On the top shelf there is a home-brew SWR meter, an LP-100 vector wattmeter, and a Yaesu G450 rotator which turns the HexBeam. On the wall you can see an MFJ beacon monitor.


I use two antennas: a 130ft doublet fed with open-wire line for 160m thru 30m; for 20m thru 10m I use a HexBeam. This is a great little antenna: it is very lightweight (about 10lbs), has low wind resistance, can be turned by a lightweight rotator, and has a turning radius of only 9.5ft. Best of all it can easily be constructed at low cost. You can find full details of how it works on this website, and if you want to build one take a look K4KIO's website where you will find complete constructional details. I continue to be impressed with how well it performs at a height of only 20 ft.

Test bench

This is the test bench - looking a bit tidier than normal. The main equipment next to the computer monitor is a Hameg 100 MHz oscilloscope. Below it is a matching spectrum analyser and tracking generator, and on the bottom a function generator and LC meter. On the shelves are an MFJ 259b antenna analyser, a Palstar ZM30 antenna analyser, a Heathkit GDO, and home made milliwatt power meter ..... and much more.

Bookshelves Construction bench

Looking a bit less tidy is the bookshelf and project shelf, and even less tidy the construction bench and component drawers.