Hexbeam Photo Gallery

This gallery shows photographs of the various HexBeam antennas I have constructed over the past couple of years. It is not meant to be a step-by-step guide to construction, but rather a potpourri of techniques which may give you some ideas for constructing your own HexBeam.

  • Baseplate fixing bracket

  • Baseplate assembly

  • Spreader tip fixings

  • Broadband spreaders

  • Band interconnections

  • Flange centre post mounting

  • Centre post marking (step1)

  • Centre post marking (step 2)

  • Centre post marking (step 3)

  • Centre post marking (step 4)

Like on the Mk1 and Mk2 I used wall plugs to get a fixing at the tips of the spreaders. But this time I re-inforced the tips with offcuts of fibreglass tube. I also used a plastic "P" clip as the support for the wire elements.